Why is it the Jingdong? SOGO Wang Xiaochuan said the secret!

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With the fragmented mobile Internet era, users have become scattered, with the changing of the PC market, the demand for desktop products has been reduced gradually. As a high quality e-commerce platform, Jingdong insists on making brand new products for brands through Jingdong Fu, allowing brands to align market demand and thus enhance consumer satisfaction. Recent Jingdong 618 global Year Shopping Festival opened the curtain, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, DELL, Seagate, Iqiyi intelligence, Intel, Kingston, AOC, Sogou, NVIDIA, Gopro, Haman and other brands of Jingdong to call, you can see Jingdong service body is not the same, then how the Jingdong is how to get What is the trust of brand manufacturers?
The author believes that brand manufacturers rely on Jingdong, closely related to the high-quality user group resources of Jingdong. As a high quality shopping platform which is recognized by consumers and trusted by brand manufacturers, Jingdong currently owns over 200 million high quality users. The core demand of the product helps the brand to align the market. And Jingdong big data can also use the data accumulated online to the offline Jingdong's home, to achieve the online and offline integration model, to bring &ldquo to consumers; immersive experience ” this is one of the reasons for many brand manufacturers to pay attention to.
On the other hand, the Jingdong also provides &ldquo with an open attitude for brand makers; reverse customization of ” capabilities, such as the launch of a 100 billion energy program in Jingdong 618 this year, Lenovo and HP have strategic cooperation with Jingdong, its latest game, “ Lenovo Savior Y7000” and “ shadow The spirit of the 4 generation of ” the Jingdong on the same stage to start. In fact, this is not the first cooperation between Jingdong and brand manufacturers. As early as 2015, Jingdong began to promote the reverse customization of products by brand manufacturers. Under the help of Jingdong, the brand manufacturers made amazing sales, which verified the effect of the reverse customization model and the brand products.
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